Learn how to create your first Survey
bit by bit

Don’t worry about open-ended questions, forget spending long hours analysing the answers Zurvey will take care of it within minutes

Create a new survey

If you only need to analyse text files, select "New excel analysis" or create a new survey with only a few click.

You started to work on something but needed a break? You can recover your previous surveys whenever you want. Just click on ’SURVEYS’ on the left and continue the work with the next step: do the last check in preview mode, make further modifications, or finish and share with a link. Don’t find what you are looking for? Start typing the name of the file in the search box, and select from the list.

Set basic data

Fill out the basic data of your new survey. Give a title, a short description and how many responders do you wish to reach. If you are finished, don’t forget to save.

Pick the components of your survey

While building up the structure of your survey, you can choose from a list of content blocks, like question types (closed-ended question, open-ended question, multiple choice questions with one or more answer), explanatory text and date. To select one of them just click on a modul you want to include in your survey and drag and drop them in the order you like.

Save and share the final version

After having filled out all the fields of your questionnaire, it is almost ready to share. Save it and check it in preview mode to see how it is going to appear to respondents. Click on Start survey if you are satisfied with the final state of it or go back to the editor to modify it.

Congratulations! You have just created your first Survey!

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