Keywords step by step guide

Testing hypothesis or focusing on complex categories with

Measure a specific category

In some cases automated topic discovery is not enough for your purposes and you need to deep dive and quantify a special category. For example you realize, that based on the automated topic discovery, staff and personal should be measured together as they are important service factors.

Create category

In you can create your own category by creating a keyword.

Set keywords

When you create a new keyword first you have to name the keyword and then add every possible synonym, phrase, word or typo that belong to the category. You can also exclude some topics or phrases. For example you need a keyword to analyze Personal interactions related to your service reviews but not the phone interactions. So you can set synonyms like: staff, personal, kind, rude, nice, etc. And you can exclude the phrases that suggest there was a phone call: phone, telephone, mobile, line, etc.

Add the keywords and continue analysis

Then you can add the keyword to your analysis settings and continue analysis.

Start your analysis

Start your analysis. Wait for the notification while works on the analysis. Adding a keyword will make processing time longer as every text has to be analyzed also by focusing only on the keyword. (We apply keyword-oriented sentiment analysis in these cases which quantifies only the sentiments related directly to the keyword)

Take a look at the Summary sheet

In the received analysis you will have relevant extra stats on the Summary sheet. You can see the opinion index and the share of opinions regarding to Personal interaction related reviews.

Check out the Keywords sheet

On the Keywords sheet you see the summarized stats regarding the keywords: frequency, opinion index and number of positive and negative mentions.

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