Zurvey.io now understands Dutch and customer problems better

We are working on Zurvey.io's new functions as quickly as possible to ensure that we meet all the client needs. Our developers, Kitti, Réka, Isti and Zoli are doing their best make it easier to analyze your in-house textual data and gain customer feedback insights within minutes. Let’s see below in details what they have developed this time.

1. Analysis in Dutch language is now available

So, as we received requests to teach Zurvey.io the Dutch language in return to some delicious cheese and bunches of tulips (no, unfortunately these were not involved in the contract), we have recently improved Zurvey's multi-language analysis ability. Dutch language was added 2 weeks ago and Zurvey.io isnow available in 10 languages, including Bulgarian, Georgian, German, Dutch, English, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian. We are very happy and proud of Zurvey.io to be able to speak 10 languages at such an early age. If you would like to analyze customer feedback about your product or service and interested in testing Zurvey.io's precision, do not hesitate to contact us!

2. Create problem map from customer voice with 1 click

As mentioned above, we are keen on validating our solutions and develop new functions requested by our clients. We would like to make it quick and easy to see through the large amount of feedback and filter-out the insights. To achieve this, we have released a new chart on Zurvey.io dashboard called Topic Map. From now on, Zurvey.io users can see the main problems based on customer voice with 1 click, as the map arrange the most mentioned topics according to their opinion index.

article illustration

Also, if you select only the negative labels, you can easily define the priority of customer problems: the topics mentioned the most frequently and negatively will be ones you should deal with first.

article illustration

Other minor changes were added to Zurvey.io.

  • Survey URLs were never that short than they are now (8-10 characters)
  • from now on, sending surveys is not only easy but also pretty in Zurvey.io.
Besides other minor re-design changes, be prepared to see our new logo for Zurvey.io very soon. Hope you are at least half as excited as we are to show you Neticle's text analysis toolkit within a new and re-designed framework.

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