New year, new functions!

Do you know what they say in the tech world? The more new functions your product gets in January, the more successful your new year will be! Okay, we don’t know if it’s actually legit, but that part is very true that we just updated Zurvey with lots of improvements. Check it out!


The most crucial updates have taken place on the dashboard.

  • Most importantly, there is a new tab on the top: labels! Earlier you could only see the top positive or top negative labels and their correlation, but from now on, every label type got their own chart. You can immediately see the top brands, people, locations and emotions that have been mentioned in the texts frequently.
  • We added example mentions to every result. It helps you detect what the typical reviews are that usually contain those labels the system detected.
  • On the first tab, Summary, you can also see the top keywords.
  • If you only want to see the positive, negative or neutral texts from the whole database, you can choose from them on the left.
  • We also set up the feed export option, so it will take only one click to get all the analyzed texts in a fancy Excel sheet.
article illustration

New label tab with example mentions


Setting up your keywords for your analysis will be easier as well.

  • You can filter your keywords, which means you can define more precisely what you are curious about regarding those keywords (e.g. if you only want to know what reviews are written about the meeting room in the office).
  • You can also add a code to your keywords which helps you distinguish the same keywords with different adjustments (filters, exclusions etc.).
  • Keyword import is also available now. If you already set up a keyword which you want to use for another keyword, just choose the import option!
  • And last but not least: automation! From now on, the system will suggest you synonyms based on the keyword and creates keywords automatically based on the uploaded texts.


Did you know that you can create surveys with Zurvey as well? We hope so because creating them just became even more fun with these improvements:

  • You can add number type as a survey item. Use this type if you expect numbers as answers to your question.
  • Adding “other” field to the radio button and the checkbox types of questions are also live!
article illustration

The new type of question: numbers!

Are you interested in trying these new functions? Contact us for a free demo!

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