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Forget about spending hours analyzing the result - just focus on survey creation. Collected feedback is analysed quickly and easily, even for questionnaires full of open-ended questions.

  • Survey distribution: set a number of people to whom you wish to send the questionnaire, and share it with them via email
  • Question types and customisation: make a questionnaire that best fits for your purpose. Use closed-ended, open-ended and multiple choice questions with one or more answers.
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zurvey example
zurvey example

Get insights from dashboard

Before going into deeper analysis of text data, check the most important insights summarized by impressive charts on the dashboard, and apply them immediately.

  • Visualized data: go through the charts to have global understanding of the results within 1-2 minutes
  • Drill down: drill down to outlier values and understand the reasons behind them quickly
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Quantifying opinions

Don’t waste your time reading countless texts. Zurvey.io will do it for you with human level accuracy.

  • Sentiment analysis: recognizing and highlighting positive/negative phrases
  • Opinion index: scoring opinions on a 7-level scale (-3; +3)
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zurvey excel example 1
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Discover main topics

By automatically summarizing recognized topics and entities in the answers, new insights and hidden trends can be revealed.

  • Identifying main topics: understand the context of your text
  • Recognizing any places, brands and people in texts: discover the needs of your customers
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Analyze targeted questions

By setting predefined keywords, targeted questions can be answered easily.

  • Understand the overall opinion about customer support
  • Evaluate the newly introduced product feature
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zurvey excel example 3
zurvey excel example 4

Understand thought patterns

Identify phrases and topics mentioned frequently together. Use these associations to get insights from text.

  • Create association graphs based on the answers
  • Find out the key topics and related opinons
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