Quantifying opinions

Don’t waste your time reading countless texts. Zurvey will do it for you with human level accuracy.

  • Sentiment analysis: recognizing and highlighting positive/negative phrases
  • Opinion index: scoring opinions on a 7-level scale (-3; +3)
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Discover main topics

By summarizing automatically recognized topics and entities in the answers new insights and hidden trends can be revealed.

  • Identifying main topics: understand the context of your text
  • Recognizing any places, brands and people in texts: discover the needs of your customers
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Analyze targeted questions

By setting predefined keywords targeted questions can be answered easily.

  • Understand the overall opinion about customer support
  • Evaluate the newly introduced product feature
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Understand thought patterns

Identify phrases and topics mentioned frequently together. Use these associations to get insights from text.

  • Create association graph based on the answers
  • Find out the key topics and the related opinons

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