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Zurvey is a feedback analyzer tool that analyzes your collected feedback (NPS verbatim, product reviews, open-ended survey questions) quick and easy.

It automatically recognizes the positive and negative meaning of phrases and summarizes the answers' key topics and hidden patterns, so you’ll never have to worry about reading all the answers again!

They say happy and satisfied customers will take you everywhere. These customers will be your supporters and your cheerleaders. And your promoters as well – as they call them in Net Promoter Score ® system (NPS). That is why it is unavoidably important to understand and build on them. So you have to analyze them. And here comes the next step.

You have some NPS feedback. By some, we mean you have a lot. Hundreds or thousands of customer feedback, waiting for you to analyze them. And you are ready for that. But after some sleepless nights of reading them you find out that there is not much you can say about them. Well, alright, many users complained about customer service. So, what is next?

Relax. Take a step back. We are here to help you. Your job will be way more easier with us. We show you how:

You have your NPS feedback. Cool. Upload it to the Zurvey platform.

Now you have to analyze them. Correction time! It is not your job anymore. Zurvey will analyze them for you. Yes, all of them. Yes, automatically. Thus, your job is done here. You got your answers right away. You will see the main pain points, characteristics, topics of the feedback and could build action plan on it. You will deeply understand the root causes – without any further need for manual work.

And now as we gave you this many free time - it is your turn to use it wisely.

Sounds great, right? Do you want to try this feedback analyzer tool out? We are here to help you and provide you some free testing.

Do you want to see a real-life example of how Zurvey helped one of our clients with customer feedback analysis in retail sector?

Here you go – read this story

And if you have some specific questions, pop a message to our Zurvey feedback analysis expert, Balint. He will be happy to help you.

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