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Seasons change and so do we! As autumn has arrived, we thought it would be nice to pimp Zurvey.io, making it more fashionable by improving the design and the user experience. Spoiler: our designer and developer team did a great job. Let us show you the result!

We really liked Zurvey.io’s dashboard and analysis process design but we had to admit it could be more up-to-date when it comes to style. Therefore our designer, Ákos and our developer, Kitti teamed up to create a sleek new design to our text analyser. And after weeks of planning and testing, the final version is out!

“Our goal was to make it more friendly and contemporary. We’ve achieved this by using light but prominent colours, rounded shapes and more white spaces if needed”, told us Ákos, when we asked him about the designing. So, thanks to these changes, Zurvey.io’s dashboard is easier-to-use than ever. Here's how!

  • The colours guide the users eyes when setting up an analysis so adding keywords and choosing will be simpler.
  • Besides, the redesigned charts and graphs will look even better on presentations and reports.

“While redesigning the dashboard, we had real feedbacks in mind because we had asked our users about their analysis experience. We think it’s even more comfortable to using Zurvey.io now”, said Kitti. And we couldn’t agree more, especially since Zurvey.io is available in more languages. From now on, it “speaks” English, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and German, too!

So, wanna try the brand new Zurvey? Click here and try now for free!


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