The magical combination of words that give us the Christmas shiver

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We have to confess that the Christmas melodies have already sneaked into our Budapest HQ for quite a while now. We’ve been listening to our favourite songs secretly and started to wonder what’s in these songs that makes them so heart warming but overly addictive at the same time. It must be that famous Christmas Spirit – we thought.

To find out the mystery behind the lyrics we started on an adventure with to look for the wordified version of the Christmas Spirit. We took the lyrics of the most popular Christmas tracks of all time and analysed them with automated text analysis to see what’s that mesmerizing message hidden between the the words.

Finding the Christmas Spirit behind the lyrics

Let’s play a little game, just read the following set of words.

Time, fire, snow, brightness, help, freeze, cold, holiday, season, reindeer, cheer

Do you also feel the Christmas spirit while reading these? Well, no surprise, because these are the words that appear the most frequently in all timer Christmas songs. So let’s say, we had enough time to get conditioned to feel Christmassy when hearing these words.

So we can say that even if Christmas means something totally different to us in real life than these words, I guess we still adore hearing about this perfectly idealised vision of Christmas spirit accompanied by sleigh bells.


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