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Get rid of the long, monotonous survey processing, by using - yes, you can even get out of reading the individual, open-ended answers. Thanks to our sentiment algorithm, our system is able to recognize and score the positive, negative or neutral polarity of answers, it can identify major themes and emotions, and much more. Here are three areas where can quickly and efficiently do your job for you, when it comes to the analysis of any text based data.

Surveying customers satisfaction

Many still see NPS (Net Promoter Score) as the holy grail of marketing research, but we all know that really meaningful insights come from the individual opinions that are behind these scoring systems. When it comes to evaluating NPS scores, a common problem is that analyzing open-ended answers is complicated and time-consuming - well, that’s no longer the case! Upload your table with the answers to, and our automated system will quickly uncover insights about how the answers informed customer satisfaction scores. This way, you can instantly learn which feedback you should react to, which can be very helpful when deciding on marketing strategies.

Employee satisfaction

Are you working in HR and you want your company to be known as the best place to work at, but you have no idea how to get started? Insights from your coworkers can be the key to your success! Of course, bothering your colleagues with workplace satisfaction surveys is not pleasant, but we can guarantee, that at least analyzing the answers will not be another source of stress for you. Thanks to, within minutes, you will have clear, informative graphical representation of all the feedback, so you can know what people think about your company as an employer.

Scientific inquiries

An automated survey analysing tool can also be really helpful in academia, as empirical evidence, in other words, supporting theories with observations and measurements, is a cornerstone of a successful publication. can be of help here too, as it can show how the answers related to the questions and hypotheses of the research, providing guidance on how to continue.

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