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One of our long-time project was to extended Zurvey.io’s features with a survey creating platform. And now it’s done! From now on you can manage the whole customer feedback process in one automated system, from survey creation to real-time analysis. Let us show you why it is so awesome.


No need to deal with complex customizations anymore. All you have to do is choose the necessary samples and insert your own questions into them. You can choose from 11 type of samples: explanation texts, open-ended questions, ratings and many more.

The system automatically adds additional info to your survey: expected time of filling out and number of questions. Once you’re done with creation, all you have to do is share it with your audience. Zurvey.io generates a link but you can also share it directly on social media.


As the answers are coming in, the system analyses them automatically and shows the results on the dashboard. This way you can monitor the change of sentiment and frequent mentions of topics as more and more answers are arriving. You don’t need to wait to get insights until everyone fills the survey out, you can start understand your clients or customers opinion right away. We are proud to say that these benefits make us the top solution in the market. In fact, better than Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.


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