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Defining What a Positive Retail Experience Looks Like

Find out about your customers’ needs and desires in real-time, and respond to them. To help you navigate through the process, we’ve collected best practices in this ebook that you can readily put into practice.

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What a Voice of the Customer Pilot looks like with

Goal of the pilot was to establish text analytics for the stakeholders at the company. In the long term, the processes that have been set up are expected to reduce costs, improve the quality of CX, and therefore the satisfaction.

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Guide to establishing a positive & consistent branch experience

Do you run branch stores all over the country? Then in-person experiences are vital for you to be able to understand customers and set benchmarks. Here is the know-how of the field.

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Better telco service for millions with

One of the most significant players of the Indonesian telco market uses the CX data platform equipped with proprietary NLP capabilities to keep up its high service quality and learn from customer feedback in real-time.

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How Telekom takes user flow enhancement to the next level

How does Telekom, one of the largest telco companies, perfect operations by focusing on customer experience? This client success story reveals the importance of thorough and well-structured feedback collection.

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Take a plunge with Budapest Bank into a new insight pool

Budapest Bank have been keeping a close eye on customer satisfaction for a long time: with the help of a tracking survey, they are asking clients every month about experience with the bank's services, continuously learning from feedback.

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Raiffeisen Bank International's holistic approach to CX

In a time when one of the most important trends in the banking industry is digitalization, Raiffeisen Bank International decided to place online customer experience in the center of their focus. This is how it's done with

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A survey with superpowers holds the team together

While working from home definitely has its benefits, it can get lonely after a while, and irritations can keep building up inside us. Our team created a regular survey to measure satisfaction and sense pitfalls.

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Auchan turns its wealth of customer feedback into actionable insights

Imagine having to work through 40 thousand pieces of customer feedback each year. How can you connect the dots in this sea of data and discover all the important issues hidden in it? Auchan actually mastered it.

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Employee XP case study redesign
How Neticle's employee satisfaction journey began

Even when you think everything’s running smoothly, you might be oblivious to issues that employees are afraid to speak up about face to face. A smart CX tool that even analyzes results largely speeds up progress.

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Decathlon's CX case study

Big retailers receive a huge amount of reviews on multiple platforms, so applying automated, data-driven tools for not only collecting reviews but also analysing them is crucial. Here is how Decathlon does it.

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What Satisfied Clients Say About

“I love working with, it instantly gives me a clear overview of our customers’ feedback. Neticle’s expert analyses save the Market Research Department significant amounts of time, since they give us sharp, definite recommendations about the areas we need to improve. We integrate these into our strategic decisions in order to further improve our customers’ shopping experience.”

Erika Szilágyi Head of Market Research

“As a CX leader, I thrive in collecting, analysing and extracting insights from customer feedback. Neticle, with their advanced technology and customer centricity, have been instrumentation in our efforts to harness the power of unsolicited (text) feedback – a source of insights that is continuously increasing in importance as we digitize our customer journeys.”

Veselin Petkov International Customer Experience Leader

"What was good or what needs more focus in our service? We want to know it all and understand our customers, every day a little bit more! Therefore we use It supports us, as it is easy to use, nearly self-explanatory. We ask for feedback after each interaction - so we create together the customer journey of tomorrow. Besides that, Zurvey also simplifies the analysis process and helps with automatic reports. Collaborative work and pooling of experience allow us to find quick solutions if needed."

Monika Zimmermann Head of Touchpointmanagement

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