New question templates and customization are coming to the survey maker

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We’ve got some attractive updates on’s dashboard and the brilliant survey maker platform. Check out the new features that include new question types, settings and many more!


Create new types of questions

  • We added templates for conditional questions. It means you can set up specific questions to appear only in case of certain answers. It is a really easy way to get to know people’s detailed opinion.
  • Now you can add matrix questions. You know, the popular ones with multiple rows with the same evaluation options.
  • And at last but not least: now there are multiple and single choice question types for pictures.
Adding conditions to questions

Customize your survey

  • You can change your survey’s appearance to look branded. You can insert your company logo and change the colours and typefaces.
  • There are more optional features that will make survey creation convenient: you can let the system randomize the questions and you can also add a page break when needed.
Creating matrix questions

Other UX fixes

  • You can export the surveys in PDF. It was a request from our enterprise clients that we were eager to execute as soon as possible.
  • The filling status of the survey is now shown with a progress bar. Hopefully it will motivate responders to get through all of the questions.
  • The system can understand more than one language answers coming from the same survey. This opportunity will save time for international clients because now they don’t have to remake the same surveys on different languages.
  • You can change the permission rights for survey creation and the analysis parts of It is particularly useful in cases when several colleagues have access to the system but a read-only mode is just enough for them.
Mixed language survey in the making


  • Our system detects lots of labels in the answers. These are mostly useful, but for some it’s unnecessary. Well, from now on, you can exclude the detected labels you don’t need.
  • When downloading the analysis’ Excel output, the file now will include a keyword coding sheet as well. It’s a matrix for your given keywords and their NPS, it will help you understand more about what clients or users think about the topics that are important to you.
  • You can enlarge the Excel dataset you uploaded with a new file. You can expand it as answers are coming into your questionnaire. Thanks to this, you don’t have to start the process all over again when receiving new answers and you don’t have to wait for every expected answer before starting the analysis.


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