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Zurvey will analyse any kind of text data like NPS verbatim, open-ended survey responses or product reviews in minutes. It will automatically find and evaluate the positive and negative phrases, recognize topics and patterns, and give an easy-to-read summary. The results can be exported to Excel or visualized on dashboard. Understand your customers and employees, discover the key factors/drivers behind their critics and positive feedback, and build actions on easy-to-use insights.

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Automated text analysis and insight generation

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You don’t have to waste time classify or quantify your text data, jump immediately to Insights

Human level precision

Sentiment and text analysis is done with human level precision, no need for manual evaluation

Multiple sources

Analyze feedback from your databases, export open-ended comments from your NPS research or collect answers with Zurvey's survey module

Convenient output

Drill down on the Zurvey dashboard, deep dive the Excel output or let our analysis team to summarize the insights for you

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Clients appreciate it

In case of analyzing open ended questions Zurvey is a big help. Due to its classifying and aggregating features you get a picture about the main ideas from the answers before detailed analyzation. Borbála Baittrok, Head of Consultant Department, Gemius
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Typical use cases

A Retail sector story

Evaluating thousands of open ended answers from a questionnaire

A Telco sector story

Better customer experience and complaint management with Zurvey

An Energy sector story

Analysing NPS scores to identify the root-causes of pain points

A Bank & insurance sector story

Save 88% of your product development costs with Zurvey's help

Automated NPS analysis in Retail

See how Zurvey can help you understand your customer's painpoints within minutes

Employer Branding case study

How to run your in-house employee satisfaction survey quickly and easily? Learn from Neticle's own example


Zurvey currently speaks Bulgarian, English, Georgian, Hungarian, Ukranian, Polish, Romanian and Russian with human level precision

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Soon: German

Meet the Team

Photo of Kitti Sütöri
Kitti Sütöri

Junior Developer

Photo of Bálint Katócs
Bálint Katócs

Analysis Consultant

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Kinga Lipusz

Marketing Manager

Photo of Zoltán Csikós
Zoltán Csikós

Tech Lead

Special thanks to Dávid Schmidt, Márton Tasnádi, Márton Takács

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  • As the service provider, Neticle will not copy, forward or use the text data sent to Zurvey for analysis or test purposes in any way.
  • We take the security of your data very seriously. This is why our team is doing its best to make sure your data is in good hands with Neticle. We always challenge our methods and processes and learn from other's mistakes to make sure we won't repeat them.
  • We encrypt every password. Our databases are not connected to the internet. Our developers use safe and encrypted communication with our servers. Once you press the delete button, there won't be any hidden copies left, your data will be deleted from our servers as well.
  • And most importantly, your data will be never used or sold without your knowledge.
  • However, if you are someone whose personal data (e.g. personal information or written opinion) is analysed by Zurvey as part of our client’s text data, it is our client’s responsibility to inform you about the further use of your data and the aim of collecting and storing said data in the future.

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Zurvey Analysis Consultant
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Marketing Manager
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