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with humanly precise text analysis

Professional CX survey software that understands the voice of the customer

Human precision and unique capabilities in major and complex languages

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Analysed and quantified 14,7 million pieces of customer feedback for more than 170 clients, from SMEs to large enterprises

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Text analytics

Reveal insight from customer feedback

Whether your company is collecting NPS® responses, support tickets or product reviews, verbatims are a goldmine of data. Using the advanced NLP functions of Zurvey, like topic recognition and human precise sentiment analysis you can extract insights to expose pain points and improve customer satisfaction.

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CX insight

Ask the right questions using multiple touchpoints

Embed your microsurvey into your website, mobile application or email with the least effort possible and gather contextual feedback when and where it matters. Our 360° data gathering method provides a complete overview of the VOC related to your product or service.

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In-depth survey

Intuitive survey builder to cover all cases

Create complex research surveys quickly and effortlessly and achieve higher response rates. Our survey software helps you to capture more customer feedback and provide a great experience for respondents.

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Datastream integration

Our integrations are as diverse as your datasources

Analysing different data streams such as incoming emails, voice transcripts, app store reviews or agent notes can be a huge challenge. We provide easy to use connectors and integrations to exploit the capabilities of our NLP on any kind of data you want.

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Active Feedback


A simple, low code survey embedding method to ask specific target groups for feedback on your website. We offer several types of iframe based visualisations, including popups and sliders which can be targeted at specific behaviour. Want to gather general opinion? Users can also give feedback at the click of a button embedded in your site.

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Embedded Widget

Gather feedback on articles or any kind of content on your website. Our inpage widget is directly integrated into your website so you can ask your visitors right after their first impression. We offer a wide range of customisation on our platform, making sure the widget matches your brand image.

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Email widget

Whether you want to have feedback on your newsletter content or on your complaint handling process, emails are a great channel for the VOC.

Use our widget in your email signature to collect ratings for the effectiveness of support, or share your surveys in email directly from our platform.

  • customisable HTML widget
  • custom email templates
  • on-brand look
  • custom email domain (SendGrid, AWS mail, SMTP)



Have instant feedback on your application and prioritise roadmap elements based on user needs.

  • minimal development time required
  • one time installation
  • rich documentation for implementation (Swift, Java, React) 
  • always on-brand experience with many options for customisation
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Haven’t found what you were looking for? Perhaps you need other methods of exchanging data with us:

Pipe your VOC data from any source or platform and put it to work for your company.

Whether you have app reviews, emails or agent notes, we cover your needs with easy to use no-code connectors.

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“The core of NPS® is to learn from verbatims how you can get better”

— Fred Reichheld
Founder of NPS®

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Process Verbatims
with Human Precision Text Analysis


Sentiment Analytics and Topic Recognition


The NLP engine of identifies sentiment and detects topics in each verbatim comment, revealing hidden patterns and pain points in your VOC data. With the recognition of brands, persons and locations, you can improve customer satisfaction where it matters the most.

All our NLP capabilities are available in major and less widely spoken languages as well.

Auchan discovered hidden pain points in customer verbatims and took immediate action.

Multi-level Custom Categories


Categorise and finetune customer verbatims according to your needs. You can have a deeper understanding of the VOC with multi-level categories, which you can build based on your already existing coding frame, or create them from scratch.


Raiffeisen Bank International developed a distinct set of themes and topics structured into a single hierarchical tree.


Humanised Metrics and KPIs


Humanise CX metrics like NPS®, CSAT and CES using advanced text analytics and reveal the drivers behind numeric scores. finds statistical connections between the topics identified in verbatims and satisfaction scores, providing the “why” behind NPS® and journey point metrics.

Decathlon turned's opinion index into salary KPIs to enhance shopping experience

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What Satisfied Clients Say About

" is really useful for our team to ensure deep understanding of client needs. With its unique visualisation - especially the Relations view - we can turn feedback into actions. The custom labels are also handy to manage specific business questions. And the team behind the product helps a lot to get the most out of it."

Dóra Szkubán Senior Market Research Expert

"What was good or what needs more focus in our service? We want to know it all and understand our customers, every day a little bit more! Therefore we use It supports us, as it is easy to use, nearly self-explanatory. We ask for feedback after each interaction - so we create together the customer journey of tomorrow. Besides that, Zurvey also simplifies the analysis process and helps with automatic reports. Collaborative work and pooling of experience allow us to find quick solutions if needed."

Monika Zimmermann Head of Touchpointmanagement

“I love working with, it instantly gives me a clear overview of our customers’ feedback. Neticle’s expert analyses save the Market Research Department significant amounts of time, since they give us sharp, definite recommendations about the areas we need to improve. We integrate these into our strategic decisions in order to further improve our customers’ shopping experience.”

Erika Szilágyi Head of Market Research

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