How to Choose the Right Survey Software for Your Company

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So you’ve decided to purchase a survey software for your company.

Surveys are important for businesses, since they help you gauge the opinion of your customers regarding your brand or product. With surveys, you can also determine consumer pulse and easily adopt the necessary changes in order to improve your performance and increase your profit.

According to renowned market intelligence company, Infiniti Research, conducting market research can be a substantial tool for modern entrepreneurs, since it provides validation for a business’s product conception. Market research also grants necessary insights which guarantee consumer purchase through powerful marketing, smart pricing and deliberate brand positioning.

Conducting online surveys is the fastest option you have if you want to know customers’ opinions; however, if you would like to achieve quicker and more hassle-free results from surveys your business conducts, you would need the assistance of survey tools.

Looking for the best survey software can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin. If you’re looking for the top players in the market, FinancesOnline came up with this ranking, which can help you determine which vendors to consider. Meanwhile, we’ve come up with a guide in choosing the best survey software:

1) The best features in the market

When purchasing a software for your business, there is one question you just cannot turn a blind eye on: How good is this software that I’m about to invest in?

In the case of searching for the best online survey tools, you must always check if the one you’re considering has standout features that can bring a lot to your company’s table. Is the software equipped with sentiment analysis and topic determination? Can it read and interpret data with human precision? Will it allow you to input your brand in your questionnaires and customize your survey with its templates? Is the survey software value-adding for your enterprise and for your customers?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can narrow down your options and proceed with your selection process.

2) Customizable questions

Creating effective surveys in 2020 requires diverse questions. With this in mind, you wouldn’t want your survey questions to be limited to only yes or no. With your survey software tools, you should be able to customize your survey questions and accommodate multiple test types such as multiple choice, rating scales, dropdown queries, and open-ended questions that include an input field. The best online survey tools are those that are versatile enough to meet these needs.

3) Robust rerouting tools

The logic of complex questionnaire routing is essential yet often underemphasized by anybody looking for basic survey software tools. You might want to ask your customer a question about a product you advertised during the previous year but not in the last month, so this might not be relevant for some respondents. The logic seems simple; however, it can be beyond the scope of some survey systems. You should select the best software for questionnaires that can specify bracketed expressions and is equipped with powerful tools that allows customers to skip questions.

4) Human-level algorithms

Plenty of algorithms are available alongside survey tools. Developers have been working on building new data analysis techniques now more than ever---just like how we rebranded and emphasized our text analysis functions---but take note that the best software for questionnaires are equipped with precision algorithms that can be at par with human intelligence. This must be applicable in both major as well as niche languages.

5) Mechanical text analysis

Automated text analysis is a key element you ought to consider when looking for the best survey software for questionnaires. The platform you select needs to be smart enough to generate automated perception through unique attitude analysis and topic identification, which is a function that spots key topics as well as essential phrases written on the survey answers.

This means that it needs to be able to determine text tone as well as key themes, people, brands, attributions, emotions, organizations, and locations stated in these texts. It must be able to thoroughly analyze every mention in order to ensure the most accurate results for your company.
Forbes has acknowledged the fact that businesses are taking the great leap forward through analyzing customer sentiments via artificial intelligence.

After combing through questionnaires, reviews and social media content to gauge positive or negative feedback and translating data across various platforms, users end up with a more powerful sample, which is why your survey software’s system will be highly advantageous if it is equipped with these survey tools.

6) Flexible data collection

Gathering data from your questionnaires should be a breeze. Your survey software should give you convenient options such as acquiring incoming answers on-site and importing collated textual results in an Excel spreadsheet. The ability to enmesh chat or email service is a good bonus too, since you would acquire a more intricate perspective of client discussions.

Bottomline is, your software’s data collection functions must be aligned with the data collection module your organization requires so that your enterprise can make the most out of your purchased software. This feature is also especially helpful if you’re only a beginner with customer experience.

7) Real-time insight transformation

When conducting a survey, we know that getting in-depth analytics is key to acquiring the best insights. To achieve this, you would need survey tools that allow you to monitor survey responses as well as slice and dice the data so you can make swift and well-informed choices for your enterprise. Having a survey software with the ability to transform the opinions of your customers into helpful insights real-time is highly beneficial in this case, especially if you’re going for speed and accuracy.

8) Distinctive visualisation

Once you already have your data, it’s time to transform it into practical insights. The best survey software can do that for you with unique visualization tools such as a customizable and engaging dashboard, systematic charts and graphs or a drill down feature. These tools must be easy to grasp even for employees with zero experience in data analysis.

With these survey tools, you can easily get to the bottom of online users’ opinions about you and other competitors. The best online survey tools can also allow you to download your augmented Excel output for a more in-depth analysis of your results. You can also absorb all helpful insights without sifting through every significant content, comments and reviews, which trims down the time you spend on interpreting and acting on your data. Of course, whole answers are still available if you choose to and if you have the time to read them all.

Additionally, the best survey software will also allow you to track your campaign’s success in real-time alongside opinions being formed by customers about you and your competitors. This ensures that you don’t miss a beat when it comes to your target market’s pulse.

9) Data security

When it comes to online questionnaires, one of respondents’ main concern is privacy, which is why you need to select survey software that takes data security seriously.

You need to guarantee that your customers’ data and responses will not be compromised by unwanted external forces. The surveys you hand out must be secure and encrypted, and you must have full control over who has access to your survey data.

Getting your new software

Once you’ve gone across these functions, the final step is very straightforward: purchasing your survey software. Communicate with your chosen vendor ahead of time regarding your contract and inquire about possible discounts your company qualifies for. Don’t forget to bring up post-purchase matters like customer service availability, team training, and access to future software developments.

When you’ve officially bought a package, congratulate yourself by making the most out of the advantages that stem from your new software.



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