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When we say every customer touchpoint matters, we mean it. Let us take you on a tour of embedded surveys, to see where you could potentially use them, too.

A significant portion of both’s and Neticle Media Intelligence’s development is based on client requests and feedback, and to collect it in as many ways as possible, we’ve built microsurveys into each line of our business.

With, you can create customized NPS®, CSAT and CES microsurveys, and embed them in various places, such as your website, app, or the signature of your email. It is extremely important to understand the reasons behind these scores, too, and that's where can also help with its proprietary NLP technology, that can analyze feedback with human precision in more than 30 languages.


We have already shown you how our clients improve CX using our embedded solutions, and now, here are all the ways in which we at Neticle apply this great tool, within our own operation and content:

  • Measuring the performance of our Customer Success Management team. Neticle has always had a consultancy approach, so we place great emphasis on the direct hotline between our clients and the company - this is the role the CSM team fills. In the signature of their emails, clients can rate their performance from 1 to 5 stars, and then get through to a more detailed survey, where they can give free-form text feedback as well.
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  • Checking the ease of data export on the portal. We want to make it seamless for our users to access their results, so we’re collecting their feedback on their experience with this as well. The CES microsurvey slides in once the export request is submitted.
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  • Collecting NPS™ on both the Neticle Media Intelligence and the portal. The classic, yet very powerful question is featured - click here to read about the importance of it. After the rating, we’ve also included an open-ended question, to get to the root of the score users had given. We believe that these microsurveys are one of the best ways to gather reliable product feedback from SaaS users.
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  • Measuring the overall NPS™ of the company. We’re launching this very soon, so that we can make it an important KPI and learn from it. Not all clients give detailed feedback through the surveys in email signatures, for example, but being proactive can help. That’s why we’re reaching out to them with dedicated emails as well, asking for free-text evaluations besides the NPS values embedded in the survey.

  • Improving the quality of our analyses. Microsurveys are also embedded into the presentations that our expert analysts make for our clients.
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  • Collecting feedback on our website content. Just scroll to the bottom of this post and rate us! 😉 You’ll see how it works.

Finally, to make sure we learn from the results, we have scheduled exports of the ratings and replies coming in, and we regularly discuss how to include them in our development and strategic plans. analyzes all the open answers for us, so it’s super easy to get to the bottom of the feedback.


If you have a website, a mobile app or are communicating with your customers via email, you could also benefit from embedded surveys. Give them a try!



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