Put Zurvey.io’s NLP engine to work by analyzing the content of any website

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Use our new Webcrawler feature to extract insights from online content beyond social listening data.

The world of textual data is endless, and Zurvey.io’s team always strives to extract as much insight from it as possible. We’re constantly working on new ways to enable you to analyze content without having to read through thousands of pages, and we’re happy to report that a new feature has just been added which extends exactly this capability.


Based on client interest towards crawling the full content of websites and analyzing it with Zurvey.io, we’ve introduced a new dataset type called Webcrawler, and developed an automated workflow to go with it. Clients can now easily add the URLs they want to examine, and get text analytics insights on the content of websites. Remember, you can use social listening data from Neticle Media Intelligence to get insights from news portals and social media. This new feature extends the scope of online content that can be analyzed using Neticle’s products.


How does it work?

Képernyőfotó 2023-05-09 - 10.35.32Upload your file containing the list of URLs using the input card newly added to the top of the Zurvey.io homepage.


The file should include one column with the URLs to be visited by the crawler, but you can also add more columns filled with metadata. Once you’re happy with your list, start the analysis.


Képernyőfotó 2023-05-09 - 11.22.50

When the processing is finished, the collected content appears on the dashboard and in your generated exports.


Képernyőfotó 2023-05-09 - 11.27.18



append_URL_listIf needed, you can append further URLs or further text content to the dataset, making sure the columns are properly matched.


Custom Labels can be set up with this kind of data, too, just like you’re used to with the xlsx file uploads. You can reanalyze the dataset, add or remove Custom Labels, or change analysis settings any time.


Keep in mind that with website crawling, there are no scheduled revisits to the websites: the textual data collected from them matches the state of the website in the moment when it was crawled. If you suspect that a website’s content has changed significantly, and you want to analyze the new content, too, you’ll need to restart the process to update the database.


Are you interested in switching this feature on for you?


Get in touch with our team to discuss the details!



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