Get insights from employee feedback with two clicks is a feedback analyzer tool that analyzes your collected feedback (NPS verbatim, product reviews, open-ended survey questions) quick and easy.

It automatically recognizes the positive and negative meaning of phrases and summarizes the answers' key topics and hidden patterns, so you’ll never have to worry about reading all the answers again!

As an HR generalist it is particularly important to you to help your co-workers be the best versions of themselves. Beside many other things you fought for team buildings, home office and for that everybody to be heard. Their opinion matters because you do not want them to leave - and bring their knowledge, experience and some maybe not that good opinion about your company to another firm. Thus you know you have to listen to their opinions. So you have a lot of feedback, complaints, suggestions in your hand. You can build on them, make the company better, improve the processes and make your colleagues more satisfied.

Yet for that better future you have to analyze hundreds or thousands of long feedback texts. And not only you have to read them one by one but you also have to recognize patterns. And make suggestions to the problems. Even writing this down sounds exhausting.

Are you already beginning to despair?

Do not do it. We have some good news for you: there is a solution for your problem.

This solution will analyze you as many answers as you want, show you the patterns, key pain points and benefits you need and even highlight the most problematic areas from the feedback.

And this helping hand is called Zurvey. With this feedback analyzer tool your only job will be to upload those feedback to the platform and make some coffee. It is really as easy as that. After you finished with your coffee you will have the analyzed feedback, pain points, patterns right away.

And now as we gave you this many free time - it is your turn to use it wisely.

Sounds great, right? Do you want to try this feedback analyzer tool out? We are here to help you and provide you some free testing.

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Do you want to see a real-life example of how helped one of our clients with customer feedback analysis in retail sector?

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And if you have some specific questions, pop a message to our feedback analysis expert, Balint. He will be happy to help you.

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