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Constant reformation is our motto when it comes to improving the surface of While we’ve established new charts, the logo and the portal has been redesigned as well. In addition, our text analysis tool has got one more new chart and an operational improvement that will make your analyses easier.

Although this time it wasn’t a complete change of design, the main change on the dashboard is quite significant. We switched the “tech blue” to a fresher shade of torqouise. Our designer, Ákos told us about this choice more: “I think this is a very peaceful color and we have used this shade of blue before on the website earlier. So I thought, why not use it as an official color?”

Regarding the logo, we can only tell that this was a part of a bigger rebranding (more details to come soon, stay tuned). All of our products will get similar logos to advertise that they belong to us together and the logo is the first one to publish. Here’s how Ákos started designing them: “My approach was to make it fit the UI’s character, giving it a friendly and modern look. I kept it minimal, east to draw and memorable”. Great job, Ákos!

2. Multiple columns analysis

Up until now users had to upload their spreadsheets with the answers in a way that they had to organize all the answers in one column. Well, this is all past now, because you can choose multiple columns that can be analysed at the same time. This also means you don’t need to merge answers for different questions. We hope it will make the preparations way easier for you!

3. Subtopic analysis

We have one more new chart and it is all about connecting the dots in the answers easily. It shows the most frequently mentioned topics and adds a bar chart to it with the subtopics connecting to them. This way you can immediately understand people’s detailed opinion. Look how easy it is to read:


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